Why Should We Practice Forgiveness?

why should we practice forgiveness

Forgiveness is good not just for the person forgiven, but for the person who forgives. We often think of forgiveness as a kind, magnanimous act — an act of mercy or compassion extended to someone who wronged us. While that can be true, research over the past few decades has revealed enormous personal benefits to forgiveness as well.

  • Makes us happier: Research suggests not only that happy people are more likely to forgive but that forgiving others can make people feel happy, especially when they forgive someone to whom they feel close.
  • Improves our health: When we dwell on grudges, our blood pressure and heart rate spike — signs of stress which damage the body; when we forgive, our stress levels drop, and people who are more forgiving are protected from the negative health effects of stress. Studies also suggest that holding grudges might compromise our immune system, making us less resistant to illness.
  • Sustains relationships: When our friends inevitably hurt or disappoint us, holding a grudge makes us less likely to sacrifice or cooperate with them, which undermines feelings of trust and commitment, driving us further apart. Studies suggest that forgiveness can stop this downward spiral and repair our relationship before it dissolves.
  • Good for marriages: Spouses who’re more forgiving and less vindictive are better at resolving conflicts effectively in their marriage. A long-term study of newlyweds found that more forgiving spouses had stronger, more satisfying relationships. However, when more forgiving spouses were frequently mistreated by their husbands or wife, they became less satisfied with their marriage.
  • Boosts kindness and connectedness: People who feel forgiving don’t only feel more positive toward someone who hurt them. They’re also more likely to want to volunteer and donate money to charity, and they feel more connected to other people in general.

According to new scientific research, the above benefits forgiveness is good for us, our relationships, and our communities. Understanding the heart of forgiveness will open doors for a happy, and prosperous life.

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