I was quite confused about choosing a career. Coming from an economically disadvantaged section of the society, I had lost all hope to succeed in life. Agastya taught me to turn problems into opportunities. He guided me to create S.M.A.R.T. goals and create a winning attitude.

Agastya has been a big help to me not only in counseling but also changing my mindset.
— Gaurav S, Student

My father had recently passed away and I was in an emotionally distressed state for many reasons. With lots of courage and hope, I connected with Agastya. He immediately responded to me and gradually helped me get better with my emotional state.

He guided me with holistic counseling and moral support. In the end, I was able to emerge stronger. I am still learning and he has always been there as a good guide and friend. He’s blessed to have the ability to help so many others to heal and live life better.
— Divya K, IT Professional

My little one was facing chronic bullying in our housing society. I was perplexed and instinctively knew it was about time something had to be done.

I had ideas in mind but nothing seemed possible. It was time I turned to my Agastya for words of wisdom! He showed me a simple solution to this complex looking situation and I simply followed it. It felt that the universe brought everything together and everything was fine, and so beautifully!
— Ranjita K, Tour Operator

I was unhappy with the education system in India. The kids are unnecessary burdened to run the rat race without knowing actually where they’re heading for. So, I decided to do homeschooling for my daughter. Being one of the biggest decision of my life, I needed someone who could guide me about the journey. This decision involved al lot of mental, physical and social challenges for me.

The name that came into my mind was Agastya, the person on whom I can fully trust. He was like a blessing for me! He helped me transform my mindset towards taking the decision and motivated me to take the first steps. Without his support and help, it was impossible for me to start on my daughter’s homeschooling journey.
— Hetal D, Homemaker

I was passing through a challenging time. I just wanted someone to hear me out and share a different perspective on my problem. Agastya not only offered non-judgemental hearing but also offer a simple solution to my complex looking problem.
— Umran K, Teacher

I was going through a bad phase of my life and was confused about making a decision about my career and relationship. I found myself lost, broken and unheard.  I was deeply wounded and decided to avail professional healing.  

Agastya gave me motivation and a pathway to think in a positive direction. He’s always a call or an email away. I want to thank him from my heart for being there as a friend, philosopher, and guide.
— Shraddha P, Sales Manager

I was looking for a dynamic digital makeover for my business that’s when I turned to Agastya for guidance. He not only made a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for me but helped me create a radical mindset towards my business.

He’s an enlightened mind that can give whatever you wish for!
— Nikhil S, Businessman

The best form of service to society is being true to oneself. Once we are true, we’re whole and happy. That is what I learned from Agastya. I wanted to write a novel. But I was overwhelmed with a lot of questions. I was frozen in negative self-talk. Then a dear friend spoke to me about him.

His motivation gave me the courage to write my first novel that tuned out to be an instant bestseller. I was also invited to talks and write in publications. All of this stemmed from Agastya’s warm words and his positive attitude towards life.
— Vrushali T, Writer

I was just out of a relationship and was having a rough patch in life. That is the time when I tuned to Agastya for guidance. He not only offered me non-judgmental hearing but also provided me a radical perspective and hope.

His life coaching has cleared my mental fog, built a new spirit in me and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
— Manali B, Sales Manager

I was going through a rough phase. I was thoroughly muddled and lost regarding my career direction and personal relationships.

After feeling unheard at so many levels I reached out to Agastya, He gave me immense encouragement and guidance to ponder over several other aspects of my life. He motivated me in a positive direction. I sincerely thank him for listening, guiding and helping me.
— Pahuni S, Digital Marketeer